#0 let there be light ✨

  • Nikolas Huebecker
  • 2020.8.2
  • The Capitan's Log

Hello World! This is my first of whatever this is. I decided to finally do the thing I have dreaded doing for the past 2 years, and just start putting content out onto the internet! This "blog" will become a collection of all the the weird and wacky things inside my head!

It will be seperated into a few sections:

  1. The Captain's Log
  2. The Notebook
  3. The Audit

The Captain's Log is a collection of numericaly ordered peices, this is technically #0! I plan to post at least once every month or so (maybe more) about life updates and things I have been up to!

The Notebook is all of my crazy idea's and random thoughts! If you every need a spark of creativity (or insanity) this might be a good place to look!

The Audit is a where I review things you may or may have not heard about!